Shalishah Loves ❤: Mercato Metropolitano (London)

Dear Fellow Foodies!

Trust me when I say if you haven’t visited Mercato Metropolitano (MM) already then plans are needing to be made! Based in Elephant and Castle, this vibrant space allows you to satisfy every craving imaginable from foods around the world.img_8543.jpg


  • Variety: I’d say it is the perfect place to go when your stuck with people who either never know what they want or inconveniently never want what you want- yes we’ve all been there! MM leaves no room for the difficult eater as you can help yourself to Vietnamese, Mexican, Steak and Soul food just to name a few.
  • Atmosphere: There is a definite buzz from the moment you step through those large black doors. You are first met by a pebbled garden where if the English weather is kind, you can enjoy your food of choice and a glass of wine on benches or soft chairs outside. Inside, the MM embraces the food market vibe as sweet aromas greet you and seating is readily available. You can try before you buy your food and wine which adds to the hospitable nature of the venue. IMG_7141
  • Food: Fresh! The MM brands itself on the basic principles being; ‘ small is beautiful’ and  ‘natural is good’ which I feel it embraces perfectly as they focus on what the individual wants. Food is sauced from small scale farmers and then prepared freshly in front of you making it that but sweeter, knowing that your helping to give back. The complex has an onsite bakery, coffee roasters, pizza chefs and gives you the opportunity to learn about food and how to cook like a pro! IMG_2147
  • Drink: After a long week at work its only right that we reward ourselves modestly and the MM aids this process. Housing a large selection of Italian wines with staff on job to help you pick, I have not tasted a bad wine yet! For those non wine lovers, all is not lost as there is a German beer bar and also an outside cocktail bar which would be criminal to miss!


Overall, the MM is a perfect place to as it caters to everyone’s needs, as the options are endless.  The food is fresh and presentation is definitely insta worthy #FoodIsBae. It is a guaranteed good time out with friends or family and you will leave feeling satisfied.

Shalishah Loves:

Take a trip to the ‘Slow Smoked BBQ’ stand and try there pulled pork fully loaded fries. Tastes even better then it looks.


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Enjoy xx

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