Shalishah Loves❤ : Crust Bros Pizza

It was after a couple cocktails that I stumbled across this little beauty, in need of something substantial and preferably doughy to get me through the rest of the night!

This Neapolitan-style  Pizzeria based in Waterloo caters perfectly not just for those pre/post night out cravings but also makes it a brilliant healthy option for those everyday cravings. Sticking to tradition, Crust Bros pizza is cooked in a traditional wood fire oven and topped with fresh combos such as Mozzarella, Sun dried Tomato’s, Spicy Salami and Sweet Peppers ( My personal favourite!).

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You can either choose a Pizza from their quirky named menu  or be creative and design your own- this would allow you to choose from the wide variety of toppings and cheeses which also includes a Vegan option. All Pizza’s are prepared freshly in front of you taking around 15 minutes to cook and prepare.

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If you are looking for a Pizza place  that doesn’t leave you with that guilty feeling or unforgiving belly bloat, then I do recommend Crust Bros- It will be love at first Bite ;).

Feeling Lazy or Anti?

We all get those days – Trust me! But do not worry, Crust Bros also delivers via DeliverRoo and provides a takeaway service, served in tastefully decorated leopard print boxes!

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How I Rate it ?(Out of 10)

  • Menu : 7 – Wide variety and you can not complain if you are able to make your own pizza.
  • Taste: 7 – Very Fresh and just so Yum!
  • Atmosphere : Cosy – Seating is available but on busy days you will feel like one big pizza eating family which, is not necessarily a bad thing.
  • Location 8 – Opposite the station and easy to get to.


Address :  113 Waterloo Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 8UL

Who ate all the Pizza ?

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