Thought bubble: I am unapologetically high maintenance and I don’t think it’s a bad thing

I sit here in bed with my favourite mix of ginger-ale and disaronno(one to write down for those who would want to impress lol) and after a conversation with a particular Mr who will remain anonymous I re-confirm that I am in fact high maintenance. Not that I have never been told this before from previous guys I have dated or that I ever denied it- In fact I am quite proud to bear the title as to me it shows I know what I want.

There was an instance where a fella, who already had a decent income, I assume, got a new job and said exactly this ‘Now I feel like I can look after you’. I mean that’s very sweet and it did make me think good lord shalishah you must be a lot to handle. However, I have always thought to myself why should I settle for less than what I can provide for myself and what I would want to give to others? It may sound superficial- but to me, life is way to short to be thinking of what could of happened or being miserable because I forced myself to be content with something that wasn’t up to what I really want. After all, we will both end up unhappy.

Just to clarify to you readers who may think so far reading this that I am somewhat pretentious, I am not meaning it in a full materialistic way I just mean it in a way as to your other half making effort and it lasting longer than the 3-6 months (if your even lucky to get that) honeymoon period. Just being real out here ladies and gents! Which brings me back to this anonymous fella at the beginning. The reason why it triggered such thoughts is because we were talking about needing to unwind and relax to which his perfect situation for us to relax all day in bed, talk about life, have a few bed based activities and then chill for the day- all, may I add, was because of the apparent free parking outside my flat haha.

I mean call me weird or whatever but, even as I type it down, I am like no just no. My reply was ‘ What are we 50?!’ There is absolutely nothing wrong with a day in bed- in fact I probably have days in bed most Saturdays but alone lol and they are perfect. However, my point is firstly, why should you have to plan a day in bed, shouldn’t it just happen ? Secondly, I feel like we have an eternity (if you play your cards right) to be in bloody bed lol. Finally, the only other possibility of a joint bed day is if you are joining me on a heavy weekend ha.

All I am saying is, if we are trying to get to know each other lets says, I don’t want a day in bed where I am probably just going to be left watching you sleep!  I want to go to dinner, be in a romantic atmosphere, splash a little cash on a cutie and we can talk about life. Have a spontaneous road trip or just trip in general. Introduce me to hobbies you like to do, go to the pub and watch the footie together for goodness sake! I am just a massive believer that when you are wanting to get to know someone there needs to be effort on both parts and also a special experience- let’s build some dang memories.

Like, how boring would this be if lets say we had kids and my kids asked me, what sort of things did you and Daddy get up to when you was young and I am like ‘Oh we just used to have loads of cute days in bed’.  No, just no lol what am I a sloth! I am an adventure girl ( Role superhero intro), a guy who is thinking to entertain the thought of being with me needs to want to add to that adventure not put me to bed every 5 mins- I mean one J Holiday is enough. Even my flat mate who has only known me for 4 Months analysed that I am the type of lady who seems spontaneous and would visit a country, fall in love with it and probably move there without a second thought.

I like to live in the moment, and that moment could be pricey or perceived as high maintenance but honestly, I wouldn’t expect anyone to do for me what I can not already do or build up to do for myself or want to give back to them. So, my intelligent readers, do not settle of less, maybe staying in bed for an eternity with a hot guy/girl is your cup of tea but think, how will you feel looking back at it – make those memories last and fulfilling, be high-maintenance 😉

typorama (16)

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